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 Free Yourself to Create The Fulfillment You Yearn For

Your inner wisdom has been whispering to you for so long.

And you can’t ignore it any longer.

It’s your time.

You’re ready to stop waiting in the doorway, looking at the vision of what your life could be,

And finally take the first step toward making it a reality.

It’s Time to Launch Your Soul Venture

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Hi, I’m Jeni.

I’m a Counter-Capitalist Strategist and Coach to womxn with heart-fueled desire to shape a socially just, ecologically thriving world through ventures that answer their soul’s highest calling.

If you’re in a job that doesn’t serve your highest good, and you’ve been yearning to create a venture that feeds your soul (but you don’t quite believe you have what it takes, or worry no one will want what you offer),

Or, if you’re self-employed but the venture your leading needs to evolve (you’re over-working, stressed, or it no longer aligns with your heart),

I’m here to help you create the life and livelihood that will liberate your spirit and bring joy and healing to you and the world.

Interested in partnering with me to launch ~ or evolve ~ your soul venture?

Sign up for a free consult below.

In 30 minutes, you’ll share your desire and I’ll lay out a plan for you to make it real.

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Jeni has helped support me in birthing the changes I want and need—with deep care, steady presence and a wide-open heart. In personal sessions and workshops, she offers insights from that deep place of knowing. Jeni is a guide to be trusted.

—Simran Sethi, Author, Journalist, Educator